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Mobility is the ability to move freely, so when we are talking about the body we are talking about the range of motion you have available through the joints of the body.

In everyday life we can often find ourselves adopting the same positions daily and it's nice to give your body and joints the chance to embrace the full movement potential that it has available.

Did you know fascia which is the connective tissue that runs through our whole body loves to be mobilised? That urge you get to stretch when your body is starting to feel stiff... is your body asking you to move it. Fascia likes to be moved, when it is not moved tiny fibrous bonds between the connective tissues appear, these melt away when movement is reintroduced as movement hydrates your fascia.

Give your body some love and get your self moving, you will reap loads of benefits, I've listed a few below:

· Improved proprioception - your bodies feedback mechanism from nerves in our fascia, muscles, tendons and ligaments send signals through a sensory feedback loop to our brain, every time you move your body is gathering information and learning from it.

· Injury prevention - being able to move more freely and efficiently will prevent your chance of injury.

· Improving and maintaining range of motion - when we mobilise an area we are waking that area up and encouraging blood flow to the area hydrating fascia in the area and also encouraging synovial fluid to nourish the joints which can all help with improving and maintaining range of motion.

· Improved body awareness - in moving your body more you will become more aware of what your body can do and also may highlight any restrictions that you may feel, giving you an opportunity to work on these areas.

· Improved posture - spending a lot of time in specific positions like sitting in the car for long periods or at a desk all day at work can cause muscles to switch off and may allow muscular imbalances to creep in, as a result posture can be affected so get yourself moving.

Keep your eyes peeled, mobility monday is going to be making an appearance soon, I'll share some mobility exercises that I enjoy using via my instagram and Facebook page very soon.

There's that saying if you don't use it, you lose it so keep yourself moving.

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