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Always keen to broaden my knowledge and skills, yesterday I was back in Exmouth at The Massage Training School getting my CPD hours in on a RockTape Functional Movement Taping course.

I spent the day learning the theories and concepts behind RockTape and practiced application skills so I can effectively offer and use kinesiology taping as part of my soft tissue treatments.

Kinesiology is the study of mechanics of body movements, so kinesiology tape is designed to move with the body to help aid better movement and promote recovery.

RockTape works through neurosensory stimulation and the decompression of the tissues which allows for a change in movement and helps to reduce pain:

Decompression - when RockTape is applied to the skin it's elastic properties create a bio mechanical lifting mechanism on the tissues just below the skin which means the tissues can glide more freely.

Neurosensory stimulation - within our skin we have nerve receptors which when stimulated send information to the brain. When we feel pain from movement or muscle contraction it can be caused by the nerve endings between the skin and muscle, because taping will decompress this area there will be less pressure on the nerve endings in this tissue, so pain messages may be reduced. Tape also allows for proprioceptive feedback as we have mechanoreceptors in the skin which are receptors that help with our movement awareness.

RockTape can be used to:

· Reduce pain.

· Improve proprioception.

· Increase pain free range of movement.

· Reduce swelling.

· Improve postural awareness.

· Alter static and dynamic posture.

· Alter movement patterns.

· Improve flexibility.

· Enhance performance.

· Speed up recovery.

It's great that I can now offer RockTape as part of my soft tissue therapy treatments,

contact me here to get yourself booked in.

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