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Can You Benefit From Soft Tissue Therapy?

Firstly what are soft tissues?

Soft tissues are the tissues of the body that support, connect and surround bones and internal organs they include the following, muscle, fascia, tendon, ligament, and connective tissues, these tissues can all be manipulated with Soft Tissue Therapy.

So much more than "just a massage", Soft Tissue Therapy can be used to assess, treat and rehabilitate acute and chronic injuries, helping you to deal with musculoskeletal pain.

Acute injuries are those that usually occur from sudden trauma such as a sprains or strains etc., pain is usually felt instantly and chronic injuries are those where pain occurs over a longer period of time such as posture related pain or tendinopathies etc.

At some point in life we all suffer with aches and pain, it may result from the stresses of everyday life in general such as, work, posture, medical conditions (arthritis, asthma, sleep disorders, hypertension etc.) or perhaps you take part in sport on a regular basis, whatever the cause no one should be putting up with pain.

Soft tissue therapy can be used to help re-educate the body aiming to allow the body a window of opportunity to recover and move to its best ability, working to prevent future problems occurring and also maintains the body so it can work optimally for you providing long term benefits.

A wide range of hands on tools can be used within your Soft Tissue Therapy treatment allowing each session to be tailored to your specific needs:

·Massage - deep tissue|sports|remedial|general.

·Muscle Energy Technique (MET) - a stretching technique using gentle muscle contraction to relax and lengthen muscles.

·Soft Tissue Release (STR) - a stretching technique used to release soft tissues.

·Myofascial techniques - a technique used to free up the fascia which is the continuous connective tissue that runs through the whole body.

·Neuromuscular Techniques (NMT) - a technique where pressure is applied specifically to treat trigger points found within muscles to allow them to release.

·Positional Release Technique (PRT) - a technique used to treat trigger points by finding a position of ease taking tension off the tissues allowing the tissues to release.

In pain? Don't delay start your recovery and soft tissue maintenance today.

Pain free? Let's maintain your soft tissues to keep it that way.

So what are you waiting for contact me to get yourself booked in.

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