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10 Post Exercise Recovery Tips

Recovery is just as important as your workout, here are a few tips that you might find helpful so you are ready to go for your next training session:

1. Rehydrate - I have previously spoken about the importance of hydration, when you exercise you will lose fluid through sweat etc so it is important to replace this either during or post exercise.

2. Refuel - you will deplete your energy stores during exercise so be sure to refuel to allow your body to recover and repair.

3. Stretch - gentle stretching to the areas that you have just worked.

4. Active recovery - it's important to rest and relax but some gentle movement could be great to get your circulation going and keep the tissues active. Why not go for a walk, a swim, a gentle cycle, enjoy a yoga class, some pilates etc.

5. Massage - It takes time for your tissues to recover after exercise, if you've had a particularly hard training session it might help to get a massage to improve the microcirculation, flushing the muscle with fresh blood which will help to replenish the muscle stores and help flush out any waste in the muscles.

6. Sleep - adequate sleep is essential for your body to function, if you are exercising it's important to make sure you are allowing yourself optimal time to sleep for recovery.

7. Adequate rest - having a smart training plan will allow you to train and recover, remember rest days are important for you to perform optimally.

8. Meditation - it is just as important to allow your mind time for reflection and recovery, a healthy mind can help improve performance.

9. Listen to your body - if you've got any aches or niggles don't ignore them, addressing them early on could save you nursing an injury in the long run.

10. Take a bath - an ice bath, a hot bath, an epsom salt bath, whichever you feel works for you.

If you are suffering with any aches or niggles, or need to book in for a massage to help aid your recovery you can contact me here.

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