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Improve Your Health and Wellbeing...

You maintain and service your car regularly so it can get you safely from A to B, are you doing the same for your body to maintain your health and well being?

In case you need a good excuse to justify booking your treatment, here are a few benefits that you may experience post massage treatment that can be supported with clinical research:

1. PAIN REDUCTION - various trials have been carried out and the results bought together, analysed, and reviewed, with the conclusion that massage should be recommended for use as a pain management option.

2. It can help to BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM - recent studies have shown that following massage treatments there is an improvement in T lymphocytes which are a type of white blood cell.

3. It can help RELIEVE FEELINGS OF ANXIETY, DEPRESSION and STRESS - various research has been carried out and there is evidence that anxiety, depression and stress levels are reduced following massage treatment.

4. It may help to IMPROVE YOUR SLEEP - research has shown that massage can help to improve sleep.

5. Your BLOOD PRESSURE MAY HAVE LOWERED - clinical trials have been carried out to show the effects of massage on blood pressure.

There are so many variables that it makes it hard for quality controls to be put in place for experiments to conclusively prove or disprove the benefits of massage. There is however a lot of anecdotal evidence that massage can bring about a wide range of benefits, so I guess the best way to see what benefits you can get from massage is to actually get booked in and try a treatment for yourself.

Want to take charge of your health and well being and see what benefits you get from your treatment? Get in touch.

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